Clean teeth and healthy gums are just as important to our four-legged friends as they are to us. Without adequate care, your animal’s mouth can become a haven for dangerous bacteria which, if left untreated, can eventually lead to dental disease. An unhealthy mouth can lead to problems throughout your pet’s entire body. The good news is, this can be prevented through regular dental care, both professional and at home.

Kalona Veterinary Clinic offers comprehensive professional pet dentistry services for the complete oral health care of your pet, including preventative care as well as the treatment and management of existing oral health problems. We regularly perform thorough dental examinations and use cutting edge technology and modern dental equipment to both clean and polish the teeth to a healthy shine.

If your pet already suffers from an existing dental problem, such as broken teeth, gingivitis or periodontal disease, we can help with that too! Our team is experienced in performing advanced dental care services, such as extractions and minor oral surgery, as needed. Even if you’ve never given your pet’s teeth a second thought, it’s never too late to get them on the right path!

Finally, but equally as important, we’ll work with you to show you how you can help your pet maintain a healthy mouth at home, in between vet visits. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will gladly provide guidance and even demonstrations of home brushing techniques, as well as advice and recommendations on various products that you can use to promote healthy teeth and gums for your four-legged friend.

Remember; prevention can help keep plaque and tartar at bay and promote a more healthy lifestyle overall.  If you want your companion to live many happy, healthy years, don’t neglect their oral health! Bring them to us for professional pet dentistry today!