• Winter Holiday Pet Safety- American Veterinary Medical Association

    December abounds with holiday celebrations, and nothing can spoil good cheer like an emergency trip to the veterinary clinic. These tips can help keep your winter holiday season from becoming not-so-happy – for your pet and for you. Plan in advance Make sure you know how to get to your 24/7 emergency veterinary clinic before there’s an emergency. Talk with your veterinarian in advance to find out where you would need to take your pet, … Read More »

  • Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pets!

    Costumes, trick-or-treaters, and jack-o-lanterns — all signs point to Halloween! But before the first trick-or-treaters come to your door and you dress your pet up, make sure that they are ready for the holiday. Dressing up your pet for Halloween Pet costumes make for some of the cutest photos, but you don’t want your dog or cat to be stressed while wearing their outfit. Take some time to get your pet used to their costume … Read More »

  • National Pet Dental Health Month

    So, what’s the big deal? The American Veterinary Medical Association sponsors National Pet Dental Health Month every February in order to help spread awareness and prevent avoidable health issues. Dental health doesn’t just affect your pet’s mouth. Dental problems can be a result of underlying health problems and even cause new ones. Periodontal disease is the most common disease and dental condition seen in dogs and cats. In fact, by age 3, 70% of cats … Read More »

  • Vetrax

    Do you use an activity tracker? Did you know there are activity trackers for dogs? Hills Science diet dog food is having a healthy weight challenge going on now. You can enroll your dog by May 20th. You feed your dog a Prescription Diet Metabolic food. Hills will provide for you a free Vetrax activity tracker. You can monitor how much exercise your dog is getting. Hills will even donate 1 week of food for … Read More »

  • February

    February is national pet dental month. By the age of 3 yrs. Most dogs and cats have some periodontal disease.  Obvious signs include bad breath, reddened gums, tartar build up, and tooth loss.  Like us some pets have more dental problems, and some have less.  There are breed differences too.  Small breed dogs seem to have bad teeth, maybe because they don’t chew on things as much as larger breeds, or maybe because they generally … Read More »

  • New Years Resolution, include your pet!!!

    It is that time of year again…. When we look at what we can do to make 2018 better than last year. We challenge you to look toward your pets for a possible new years resolution.  Check out this post from ASPCA blog to see if you can add any of these to you list!!!  

  • Winter Weight Gain

    Winter weight gain I often see dogs in the spring that have gained weight over the winter.  Being overweight is bad for dogs just like it is for us.  When the weather is cold or the sidewalks are icy, and you can’t take your dog out for his normal exercise he isn’t burning off as many calories.  If he continues to eat the same amount of calories as usual he will probably gain weight.  Switching … Read More »

  • Does your pet have the CHIP?

    We recommend all pets be microchipped for permanent identification. A microchip, a little larger than a grain of rice, is injected under the skin over the shoulders.  It is a form of identification that can’t be lost like a collar tag.  The number can be read by a scanner that most shelters and vet clinics have. We have had stray dogs brought to the clinic that we were able to reunite with the owner only … Read More »

  • Your dog might like a “good boy” or a pat on the head as much as a treat

    I’ve read several articles lately about a study done at Emory University looking at what motivates dogs more, food or praise.  Of the 15 dogs studied, 13 showed equal or greater preference for praise compared to food and two preferred food to praise.  The researchers figured this out by looking at the dogs’ brains with an MRI scan while they were shown an object that they had been taught to associate with food or praise.  … Read More »

  • Forgo Forgetting Fido in the Ford!

    Leaving pets in the car is something that is hot news now. And the science is something we are all familiar with.  We all have been subjected to, our parents or a friend leaving us to sit in a car while they just run in and finish a quick errand. This is really true to those of us who sat in cars that didn’t have air conditioning. The first car I can remember my parents … Read More »