When an animal is sick or has suffered some type of internal injury, it’s not always easy to tell there’s a problem just by looking at them. On the outside, your companion may show little to no indication that he or she is suffering, while on the inside a serious problem could be developing. In those situations where an external exam simply isn’t enough to reach a definitive diagnosis, we turn to veterinary diagnostics. These tools allow our experienced doctors to get a glimpse at what’s happening inside your pet’s body so we can better determine whether a problem exists, diagnose exactly what that problem is, and come up with a plan to treat it in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Kalona Veterinary Clinic offers a broad range of diagnostic services to manage the ongoing health of our patients. These services include routine laboratory work, such as blood tests, urinalysis and stool testing, as well as more advanced techniques, like x-ray imaging. What’s more, our hospital features a convenient in-house laboratory, allowing us to conduct most tests right on-site, obtaining results in just minutes. This is especially important for illnesses and injuries for which a speedy diagnosis is critical.

If your four-legged friend hasn’t been acting quite like themselves lately, or you suspect he or she may have been injured in some way, don’t hesitate to call us. We can conduct a comprehensive diagnostic analysis and do whatever it takes to have your pet back on the road to good health again as soon as possible.