Caring for Your Senior Cat

Caring for Your Senior Cat

As cats age, they experience many of the same changes as we humans do. As a responsible pet owner, there are certain things you can do to help accommodate these changes and make your cat’s senior years a little more comfortable. If your feline is getting older, here are a few tips from an experienced Kalona vet that will help make the transition go a little smoother for everyone.

Vision – Older cats are more susceptible to age-related vision problems, such as glaucoma. Your Kalona vet should be checking your cat’s vision at every wellness visit so that if this or any other illness is present, it can be addressed right away. If you notice your cat is having problems seeing in between scheduled visits, you should call and make an appointment.

Teeth – Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as kitty dentures, so make sure you’re accounting for the fact that your senior cat’s teeth may be getting a little weaker with age. To avoid tooth loss, you may want to switch from a hard food to soft, canned food. Speak with your Kalona vet about making the change prior to doing so.

Heart – Monitoring the health of your feline’s ticker becomes even more important with age. That’s why annual or semi-annual visits to your Kalona vet are so important. They give the doctor the opportunity to measure your cat’s heart health on a regular basis, and to address any issues as soon as they occur. This can greatly improve the outcome for your pet.

Diet and Supplements – Different food products have different ingredients and offer a variety of benefits. There are certain foods that are specifically formulated to support senior health that may be a better fit for your pet’s changing nutritional needs. Likewise, supplements may help to manage certain age-related conditions, such as joint pain. Your Kalona vet can provide specific recommendations based on your particular cat.

Home Life – There are also some changes you can make around your home that will make your senior cat’s life a little easier. For instance, providing extra soft bedding and placing it in an area that is free from moisture and cool drafts can ease the symptoms of arthritis. Likewise, you can use ramps to make getting up and down from furniture easier and safer.

Like it or not, our feline companions are going to get older. That doesn’t mean they can’t still enjoy many more happy, healthy years. By being proactive and working closely with your Kalona vet, you can help your senior kitty navigate his or her golden years with grace and dignity.

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