How do you pick a new pet?

How do you pick a new pet?

So a new year and a new addition? If you didn’t get the pet under the tree like you wanted, are you thinking of purchasing or adopting a dog?

My family added our dog Ferguson to the family what would be 12 years ago just next month. We did a lot of research on what breed to choose, and where to get the dog. Most people do, but others go to a shelter, or a pet store and the instant cuteness takes over. Trust me those dogs need homes too, but before you add to your family, make sure it is a great fit.  At the time we arrived to the farm that had the litter of pups that we were looking at the dam and sire (mom and dad) were no longer on site. That was unexpected but again, when we arrived, the cuteness took over. There were 7 adorable pups there just fumbling over one another to play and get attention from the new people in the pen. So I quietly went over to a corner of the pen and waited. Yes all the pups followed me, but only one stayed. He would wait a little bit, away from the others as they were fumbling at my feet. Once they tumbled around and moved on to something more interesting. This same pup would then come over and sit off to the side of my feet.  He did this repeatedly. I knew we were meant to be together. He was mellow and would stick by my side. Traits that I miss in my friend who went to ‘rainbow ridge’ this past June.

So this adorable puppy was just the right fit, for us. When it comes time to add to your furry family, make sure you find one what is a perfect fit. Both you and them will be better off because of it. That may mean a tough time walking away, but remember that pet deserves the right fit and so do you!!!

What to see what some different breeds are that would fit into your lifestyle? Check out this resource on our website, from Animal Planet.

Click on the RESOURCE tab, then find Animal Planet. This will take you to a questionaire that will give you possible dog breeds that may fit your family!!!!

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